Woodworking Projects for Home Improvement: Do It Yourself

bear sitting on a chairWhether you are a DIY expert or simply a homeowner who wants to give their property a cheap makeover,there are many woodworking projects that will improve your home without being too complicated or too expensive. Of course, before embarking on any type of home improvement project, you should always ensure that you have the correct tools and equipment to hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All DIY woodworking tasks require a good quality saw, however there are many different saw types to choose from, all of which are best suited to a specific kind of project. Here, we look at some great suggestions for projects you can undertake, and, most importantly, the right kind of saw to use for each one.

Different Types Of Saw

While many home DIYers have a tool kit that contains a traditional manual saw, when it comes to woodworking it is definitely not a case of one size fits all. Although a classic hand saw is ideal for certain projects, it is really only suitable for cutting through straight pieces of wood and achieving a rough edge.

If you are looking for a professional finish or more unusual cuts, you will need to invest in a different kind of saw. An electric saw will also help to save you a lot of time and effort rather than using a manual tool every time you have a task to carry out, and so will be well worth the extra investment.

The range of saws that you can buy range from jigsaws and circular saws to table saws and miter saws, and each is best suited to a variety of different tasks.

Installing Beadboard

man installing bedboard

Beadboard, often called wainscoting, looks stylish in all kinds of homes, whether your property is traditional in style or contemporary. This woodworking project is relatively simple to undertake and requires two different types of saw – a hole saw and a circular saw. Simply cut the beadboard panelling to the correct size and use an adhesive to attach it to your walls. You can then attach baseboard and trim to the top and bottom of the wainscoting and your room will have a brand new look.

Add Crown Molding

If you live in a historic property, crown molding will look wonderful and will add a sophisticated touch to any home. Ideal for dining rooms, living rooms or hallways, this is an easy but stylish way to give your rooms an overhaul. You will need a miter saw to create your own crown molding.

Make A Love Seat

love chair on a backyard

If you have an outdoor space such as a back yard, you can make a love seat as part of a home improvement woodworking project. While it may sound complicated, in fact undertaking this task is not as difficult as it sounds and you will not require too many expensive tools. A drill, a circular saw and some basic hand tools are all you need to get this stylish addition to your yard up and running. Choose straight, treated boards from your local lumber yard to achieve the best uniform finish.

Build A Box

No matter how much storage you already have in your home, you can always benefit from having more. Whether you feel like you require an extra space for putting your boots and shoes in your hallway, whether the kids’ bedroom could do with more areas to keep toys or whether you simply want a better place to store the tools in your home workshop, making your own box out of wood is a simple yet convenient project to try.

To carry out this project, you will require only five pieces of equipment – a band saw, wood glue, clamps and sandpaper. It couldn’t be simpler. You can create your box in under two hours of sawing and gluing. The perfect weekend task to keep you busy.

Design A Cabinet

man drilling

If you’ve identified a need for extra storage in your home and you’ve already successfully made a box, why not upgrade to making your own cabinet? While this is a more complex project, it is still relatively simple as long as you have the right pieces of equipment and can be finished in under one day.

This inexpensive project will require a table saw, a brad nail gun and a cordless drill as essential tools as well as wood glue, sandpaper and hardware for the cabinet handles. There is no need to buy a large heavy duty table saw for this basic project as one of the smaller portable saws will be perfectly adequate.

A Hallway Coat Rack

Every hallway can benefit from having a coat rack to provide a handy spot for hanging your coats, jackets and hats when coming in from the outdoors. While you could buy one from a store, it is a lot more rewarding to design and make your own using wooden boards and a circular saw.

This is an easy project, yet the results can be very impressive as long as you take care to get a good quality finish. Simply use the saw to cut the boards to the correct length to fit your space and then paint them, attach your chosen style of hook and screw to the wall. What could be simpler or more effective?
Hopefully, you now have some inspiration for exciting woodworking projects to improve your home.

If you already have all of the essential equipment in your workshop, you can get started straight away, however if you need to make the investment in a new saw to complete your chosen project, you might need some help to ensure that you are making the right purchase to suit your needs.  

If you need some guidance over how to choose the best saw to suit the task in hand, read this page which contains reviews about all of the best saws on the market today and learn more so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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